I have always been somewhat of an insomniac. I would often sit for hours in my bed in the dark, listening to the radio and just thinking. I grew up disliking sleep this way. One thing I though of often, when I wasn’t worrying about the creepy man in a cloak coming in and murdering me while I lay awake, was of a wish I would make if I had the chance.

I always thought about the poor saps who made wishes like “I wish you would make me a sandwich” then they would be turned into a sandwich, or “I wish I could have an adventure” then they’re fighting some disease all alone and that’s their adventure. So at night I would say “those idiots. if I had a wish, I wouldn’t ruin it at all.” I would then plan my wish out.

These wishes had all the bases covered “I wish I had unlimited chocolate for the rest of my life that was magically delivered on my table every morning at 6am in the sum of five pounds and if I do not eat all that chocolate it doesn’t matter because more will be delivered the next day and if I do not get it in the morning because I forget more appears beside it”

Yeah. I had this. I planned out so many wishes. I had a wish regarding Pokémon, I had a wish regarding money, I had a wish regarding more puppies, and after I would finish one I would grin, satisfied with my success in being far better prepared than all the suckers that had no idea what they were doing with their life or their wish.

“I deserve their wish. At least I would do it right. They just waste it. Jerks”
Then I would wonder when I was getting my wish. Then I would feel stupid for wasting time on something I knew was never going to happen. Then I wold concoct a new wish.


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