Somehow this turned to food again.

My dog won’t come when I yell for him. I say, “Twinkie! Come here! Here Twinkie!” and he doesn’t budge. I even act all excited for him. He just sits there, with a stupid smile on his face.

Yeah, I reused my old work. What of it? NO FUCK YOU I’LL REUSE IMAGES WHENEVER I WANT D8
I think that’s just how his brain works. Everything is rainbows, except when I’m offering him food. I guess that’s the pro of being simple, you’re also an optimist.

I don’t know why he doesn’t come when I yell. It’s not as if he doesn’t know what his name is. He probably thinks he’s in trouble, because when he tears something up my mom always angrily yells his name and points.
Me and my mom really do look eerily similar. Don’t judge me.

So, my mom has forever scarred my dog, and now he won’t come when I yell for him. Even worse is when he’s beside my bed begging, BEGGING FOR FOOD, and I try to give him SAID FOOD, he will cower in fear as if I’m going to beat the everliving shit out of him. What the hell did you expect, dog? What were you thinking? Actually, I think I know exactly what he was thinking:

Normally he’s stupidly happy. If I tell him to leave, he wags his tail. If he walks over to my bed, he wags his tail. If I roll him around on his back, he wags his tail. If Kitten smacks him in the face because Twinkie was in the cats personal space, he wags his tail. The only time he doesn’t wag his tail is when you say his name or try to give him food.

I really do feel sorry for him. He shakes sometimes if he thinks my mother or I are mad at him. It’s actually quite adorable. Am I a terrible person?


6 thoughts on “Somehow this turned to food again.

  1. Horrible person? Not really… But your dog needs a little more comfort. Have you ever hugged him while calling his name softly? It might help him.

    You need to establish a different existence from your mother so that he doesn’t get you two confused.

    • My dog is just special. It’s not a differentiation problem, because when my mom is yelling at him he hides behind my legs and shakes. I think he’s just simple. Luckily he’s adorable though ❤

    • Awww, thank you.
      Inspiration for drawings in blog was from most of my favorite bloggers, but I wanted to do a Webcomic, so I thought this would be a good substitution o wo

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