He can count by twos and tie his shoes

As per request, this is prodigy cat:

I know you wanted a real picture, but, real pictures are for the lame and un-artistic. And I happen to be a master painter, so there.

Prodigy Cat does things like this:

I’m not sure if he shimmies the metal poles to get up there, or if he jumps, or fucking levitates, but he gets up there alright. Then he stares down on everyone below him, knowing he’s the smartest of all the other animals, as the other cats have never been able to climb up there.
I’ve also never personally seen him get up there. Curious.

He also does things like this:

I don’t know. I DON’T FUCKING KNOW. You can’t leave him alone, you can’t even blink. Sometimes I see him scurry out of my bedroom as I enter it, and I can only wonder what he was doing.

He also like to wrestle with the chihuahua. It didn’t take long for him to outsmart and outmaneuver the simple dog, even given his size.

Not gonna’ lie, I’d be terrified of Prodigy Cat trying to assassinate me if he didn’t love me so much. God knows he would grow thumbs just to do it.

On a side note, my Boyfriend tried to name him Socks when we got him.
Feel free to mull that over as you will.


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