The problem with (some)female gamers.

I’m tired of female gamers complaining that the female characters in games are oversexualized, completely unrealistic, and made purely for the sake of being eye candy for the boys.
Sorry, but last time I checked every man on the street is not a 10 on the scale, super sensitive and good with the ladies, muscle tycoon with a sense of humor at all of the right moments.

We get oversexualized in games just as much as men do, and I prefer it that way. If I wanted to reenact and rpg with a homely, boring, morose and out of shape female lead character, then I would take a fake sword and go outside and LARP.

But I don’t want that.

Sometimes I want to be something I’m not, which is why I play games. This is also, surprisingly enough, why the male characters are all super masculine good-looking heroes, and not socially awkward super skinny guys with a penchant for hot pockets and too much pop.

I also dislike the whole “no one looks like that; this is as bad as the media; you’re making us think we all need to be paper-thin and it’s not fair to us; all the female leads look like giant sluts with huge racks too-perfect curves.”
Some people really do look like that, and some of those people like to game. Are they just not as important because they’re the minority?

Not to mention, ladies, we’re terribly stereotyped. Would you rather a “damsel in distress” character who is always being saved by the macho male? Or would you rather be the one saving the male who, being not a female and therefore very much less intelligent and sly, got himself trapped by a gang of outlaws/pirates/aliens.

I understand that not-as-busty and more average looking females can be just as valiant, but let’s be real ladies, are we really that physically fit that we can endure the kind of gruesome sprinting and jumping and pole vaulting that our busty counterparts can?
No we’re not; or most of us aren’t at least. So while we’re faking our stamina, why not throw in our looks while we’re at it?

Really, what’s wrong with feeling attractive in a game; like the fox who gets all the men due to her booty-licious physique and gives-no-shit attitude. She’s got a bone to pick with everyone, and everyone wants to pick her bones.

If you’re really that intent on being an exact replica of yourself, that’s what RPG’s are for. That’s what you should be investing your personality into anyways, and that’s why they’re made. That’s why most of them have create your own character engines!

If you really want to copy your body and personality to immerse yourself completely into some super bloody shoot-em-up game where you bust the heads of random passerby’s into concrete then rip out the tongue of the aforementioned pedestrian to strangle his friend with before curb-stomping his choking ass, well then, I tip my hat to you.


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