Reasons I’m probably crazy.

I think I’m psychotic. I do these things that make sense to me, but apparently not other people. I feel bad for my poor boyfriend, I really do. I can only imagine the battle going on inside him as he watches my daily activities that I’m sure most other people don’t practice. Some such things are:

I flat-out refuse to watch movies with someone if they’ve already seen it, even if they want to see it again anyways. I don’t like to watch movies twice, so to me, other people don’t like to watch movies twice either! They’re just lying to try and make me feel better so that I can see the movie.
I think the real matter on this issue is that I’m afraid of them yelling out the ending. If I know the ending, I don’t want to continue. Which brings me to-

I usually only play my games right up until the very last part. I’ll pour hours and hours into a game, only to stop slightly before the huge twist unravels and I beat the game. I do this because I usually find out about the end before I actually finish it, which means I just don’t want to get there myself. Why would I? I already know what’s going to happen. SO KEEP THAT IN MIND ALL OF YOU GAME ENDING RUINERS.
I really don’t even mind though. I’ll go into a game knowing the ending and just decide to stop right before then. It’s also in part of my ADD

I pick apart most of my food when I eat this. This baffles my best friend far more than anyone else. When I eat a swiss roll, picture in case you don’t know what I’m referring to, I pick off all of the chocolate coating on the outside, then unravel the cake part and lick out the cream center, then eat all of the cake part at once. It gets messy. I also think it gets a little seductive.

I also have a really soft roll of toilet paper sitting on my desk purely for touching because it’s so super soft. This roll is not to confused with the two rolls I keep for when I’m on my monthly.
The toilet paper roll that sits on my desk that is super soft befuddles my boyfriend the most. I don’t think everyone else sees it as “natural”, they just don’t question it. Then again you never question someone if you see them stuffing what looks like a body into a dumpster.

I don’t like to drink all of the pop in the can. The bottom is just backwash anyways. That’s gross, and you’re gross for drinking it.

I don’t drink pop unless it’s completely fizzy. If the pop can is about half way full, and it’s been sitting out for a little bit, and you think “oh it’s lost a little bit of its fizz but it’s still good” you’re retarded and that’s juice you’re drinking. That is pop with no fizz, AKA JUICE, and you are drinking it.

I walk around on my tiptoes a lot, almost like a ballerina….or a dog. Considering my last name, this has garnered me a lot of nicknames over the years. But now I simply get “…..are you walking on your tip toes?”
“it’s a habit”
Then they are never my friend again. I live in a harsh world…..(in my imagination)

I smell my drinks before I actually drink them. I don’t know if I’m afraid if it’s laced with something, or if I’m trying to snort it, I don’t fucking know. I just know it happens. I occasionally do it with food too, but this is pretty much constantly with drinks.

I don’t let people touch my feet, I don’t like people to look at my feet, and I don’t like my feet being dirty. I keep my socks on all the time. I was my feet at least once a day (outside of showers) and more in the summer because I like running around barefoot. But I don’t like running around barefoot if people are looking at my feet.
I mostly just don’t want my toes chewed off.

“Skylar are we out of toilet paper? Oh wait no there’s some right here”
“what? why not?”
“because that’s my period paper.”
“I keep a couple rolls of nice toilet paper so I know I won’t have to use shitty paper when I’m on my monthly”
“…..can’t I just buy you more?”


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