Real Life and Why It’s Dumb

My boyfriend just finished college and is looking for a job now.
A real job.
Like for real life.
It’s fucking terrifying.
He’s living with me, so by proxy, I’M starting real life as well.
This isn’t fair. He had more years of pretend life than I’ve had.
And you know what else? The first day we get into the real world, BAM.
We get fucked over.
The world is a cruel place. Well really I didn’t get fucked over, because I would have had the common sense to avoid it.

Alright so Dinosaur boyfriend- let’s call him Justin, because that’s his name- went to buy a car.
He specifically wanted a steel blue car, so when this dealership offered him one, he thought “Sweet I’m done looking”
Turns out they didn’t have the car on the lot. Since they all deal the same car, he could look into the database and find out which dealers did have the car that Justin wanted.
So they sold him this car they didn’t have. Here’s the first problem.
You readers who have never bought a car are probably thinking “That’s his own problem! The idiot shouldn’t have bought an imaginary car!”
Well, that wasn’t his mistake. We’ll get back to where he fucked up later.
A lot of dealerships do this. They don’t have the car you want, but they don’t want to lose a sale, so they contact the dealership that does have it. They’ll either trade that dealership a car that is worth more, or buy it themselves.

The place he fucked up was when he filled out all of his papers. When the salesperson said he found one in a different dealership and could sell him that one, Justin didn’t ask him to call and see if they had it, he just bought it.

So CRAZY SURPRISE when they called him later and told him the other dealership had already sold the car that he had signed for. They told him, “Yeah….we don’t have that blue one you wanted. We do have a black one though”
“I bought a blue one”
“Well we don’t have the blue one, we only have a black one”
While you read, reader, I want you to keep in mind they didn’t have this one on the lot either. They were also getting this one from a different dealership.
Not that he really had the option of saying “Shove it up your ass” because he already made his $2000 deposit.
So he said “Fine, but I have to have it before Monday.”
“Definitely, we should have it in tomorrow”
So he went in the next day.

“We didn’t get it in today. It should get here later tonight and you can pick it up tomorrow morning”
So he went home, then came back the next day.
“Yeah we didn’t get it. It won’t be here until Monday”
“Why the hell not?”
“Because we can’t have it delivered on Sunday”

Not until Monday.
Not until Monday.
Specifically stated was that he needed it before Monday. after fucking up by selling him a car they didn’t have and couldn’t get, the lied about it being in on time.

I hate real life.
Stack real life on top of me having the worst luck to ever be experienced, and we’re going to be living inside my neighbors boxes before the end of the month.

So many plans got ruined because of that dealership. So many beautiful plans. I had my schedule set out like a pulchritudinous symphony. Everything working together as one in perfect harmony.
And that was all ruined

At least we still have a roof over our head. *for now*

Anybody have any spare rooms? We’re willing to pay in anguish and tears.


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