The Wartortle started out as a squirtle.

I didn’t think I updated since May. I’m really glad I was wrong about that. My boyfriend has just officially moved in, so we’ve been setting everything up. Like finding a job so we don’t starve to death. And replacing the floors in our bedroom. We also got a new computer which is SO FUCKING NICE. And we’re going to be getting a new bed sometime soon, because we’re currently sleeping on a Twin which is….a tad too small for two people. So once we do I won’t be pushed off my bed *because he couldn’t drag his bed 8 hours with him* any longer (hopefully)
But you guys don’t give a shit about my life
you’ve come to read something actually funny
which is just too bad because I don’t really have the time or energy right this moment to type and think for five hours. Or more, depending on what I’m doing while typing (like playing video games, or eating, or playing video games while eating and trying to type)
but I do have some pictures for you to rub your eyeballs on that me and Boyfriend made when we were fucking around with our new awesome computer
*the better ones are by Boyfriend, obvi.

On another note, we’re going camping for the 4th of July!
I hope we don’t get eaten by bears!
Or mountain lions.
Both of which we will be at risk for. I’ll follow my wilderness survival tips though, and we’ll be alright.
Have a good 4th of July and don’t blow your limbs off!


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