I have way too much time on my hands.

I’m afraid of driving, which makes it really hard to get a job in a place where everything is connected by the highway.
I’m actually so terrified of driving I haven’t even bothered to get my permit or my license. why the hell would I need it? I’m not getting in one of those metal death traps.
Though I’m not just sitting around being a useless meat sack. I’m a full time student while my boyfriend works. He agreed this was fair since he never worked while he was in college.

I get bored a lot. You would think this means I have way more time to write posts, which I do, I just chose not to. I have about 9 readers, and half of them are my boyfriend.I write when I feel like it, and sometimes writing for four or five hours seems like a lot of woooorrrrkkk. Not to mention with my hyperactivity and tiny house I tend to get chores done very quickly. I can sweep and vacuum every floor in my house in under 15 minutes. I’m pretty fucking impressive, I know.
I could always be learning a useful skill, or even doing something not completely retarded and a giant waste of time.
So instead of doing something at least a bit productive I choose to spend my time doing stupid shit instead.

I spent an hour and a half today playing with the camera on my Playstation. I stood in front of it and pretended to play the Move sports game. Why the hell didn’t I just play it? I don’t fucking know. I think about 20 of those minutes were spent adjusting the camera so I could see my whole body. That way I could pretend play Move Sports correctly, because the camera would be calibrated.
I don’t half ass this shit.

After that I organized everything in our pantry by alphabetical order. It used to be in size variation. I realized I hated it being in alphabetical order because it wasn’t near as aesthetically pleasing, so I then organized them back in size order.

I took my dog outside and proceeded to do jumping jacks in front of her. She started at me like I was a god damned psychopath. I thought I wanted to go jogging, but the sun proved me wrong. Jogging is an early morning or evening sport, not a 3-in-the-afternoon sport.

I have cleaned my bathroom like four times today you guys. It’s fucking psychotic how clean it is in there.

I get on the computer and read creepypasta and it’s not even scary because it’s like 5pm and there are tons of lights turned on everywhere so I get on Facebook and make a dumb status and look at pictures and WHY ARE ALL OF MY FRIENDS PREGNANT? THIS IS GETTING SO CRAZY then I realize I have never been to a wedding before and this makes me sad so I hope I can go to my pregnant friends weddings.

I decided it was go outside time again. My dog didn’t really want to go outside but she smells really bad, so I thought I would try to give her a bath. She sniffed at a place on the ground for awhile and started rolling around in it. I sure as hell hope it wasn’t something dead. I bathe her in the hose since she’s a huge dog and afraid of the bath tub, so when I go into my basement to turn the hose on A GOD DAMNED HORNETS NEST IS BESIDE MY FACE HOLY SHIT. I run back over to my dog and start doing jumping jacks, because I don’t want to scream and I don’t know how else to handle all this energy. Luckily I didn’t get stung because all the hornets were sleeping or something. Out doing whatever it is scary ass bees do during the day.

We have a gas station down the road I could probably walk to. Maybe I can get a job there. I’ll just avoid the cars Frogger style.

I promise I will be funny one day.


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