This was a surprisingly gross update.

Holy shit you guys. IT’S BEEN A MONTH
I have been super busy lately. My mom moved to Florida, my boyfriend moved in with me, and college started up. I have had to write so much in my English class. So much. After I write essays and reviews and answer questions for pages and pages, I don’t tend to want to write some more for fun. My fun was just blown out my nose. Even though I have to write an ungodly amount for my English class I also have essays for every other class. Like my Meteorology class. Ewwwww, scientific reports! All the citing and science.

If it makes you feel any better, almost nothing even remotely interesting has happened in my despondently boring life. Well, aside from my mom leaving and my birthday was three days ago. My mom leaving is pretty damn exciting.
I just wanted to inform you I have nightmares of her coming back. Yeah? yeah. I feel like that’s a terrible sign and that shouldn’t be happening. My mom and I didn’t share the healthiest relationship.

Oh and also, me and Boyfriend went to Walmart on our first paper towels-toilet paper- cat food and tissues run. Holy shit I didn’t think it would cost that much! People are always complaining about bills- WHY AREN’T THEY COMPLAINING ABOUT PAPER TOWELS? We spent well over $100 just getting essentials like that. Good god my life is full of surprises like these.

And on regards toy my birthday, my boyfriend got me a computer chair! And no not a new one, I used to sit in a lawn chair. Yeah, I’m that ghetto. So now when you come into my room I don’t look like the biggest hick this side of the Appalachians! I also got a Sonic Screwdriver, so I look like the biggest dork ever when I watch Dr.Who now. Huzzah!

Also my face decided to be incredibly gross all at once. I don’t normally get zits, like ever. I never have. I would get a couple zits once in awhile, but usually only one or two at a time. That’s been my entire life. SUDDENLY, MY BODY DECIDED “HEY LET’S EXCRETE SOME GROSS FACE GREASE OUT OF NOWHERE FOR NO GOOD REASON!” and suddenly I had like six gross zits on my face. I’m not even sure if one of them is a zit. It’s right below my nose and won’t fucking leave. I’ve popped it at least three times, and it keeps coming back stronger than before. This recent outbreak has lead me to bathe in antiseptics.

I’m going to tell you guys something gross now because it blows my mind. My lower lip on the right side got what I thought were three zits underneath the skin. I spent half the day freaking the fuck out and trying to convince my boyfriend that my skin really did turn purple there, and the other half wondering if lips could get zits. Turns out, I still have no fucking idea. God I am a potty mouth in this entry. Anyways, I started to bite my lip where the three white coloured and puffy spots were. Gently at first, mostly out of curiosity, but then I decided “I’M GOING TO KNOW WHAT IS IN MY MOUTH, I HAVE TO POP IT” and I did

Holy shit. Holy shit it was so gross. It tasted like an infection rolled around in iron then had sex with a dirty pond. I proceeded to grab my boyfriend and start wiping my tounge all over his shirt

Me: Ny nouth shaste shooooooo grooossshhhh

Then he took his shirt off and threw it in the hamper, and I was completely ok with that.

After I popped the first one I though I could pop the rest. I spent awhile biting the skin off the right side of my lip, trying to pop the other….things. I didn’t, but I did wake up the next morning with the inability to smile because my mouth felt so god damned awful. So now I’m sitting here with a swollen bottom lip that’s red and black from where I bit the skin off and is scabbed over a bit, and it looks like my boyfriend beat the shit out of me.

He didn’t by the way.

P.S. I’m thinking about writing a bunch of smallish posts and setting the date on them so it looks like I posted them in August. Deceiving people and not looking like a lazy bum! Yayyyyyyy
Also there was a surplus of people on my birthday and the day after my birthday who just decided to meander through my posts for a bit. I don’t know what brought this on, but thanks! It was a nice surprise after not getting hits for a long time since I was awful at updating. It actually lead me to updating today.


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