There’s also another construction worker who tries to steal your coins

Hot damn you guys. Guess what?
I have two followers now.
I know it’s a sad life I lead, where I’m excited about two followers, but come on now. Let’s not be jerks. I’m really excited that this other person whom I don’t know decided to follow me (especially because the first person following me is my boyfriend)
But every time I update I get a few more hits, so that leads me to believe a couple people keep me RSS’d
Nobody ruin this for me.

So I have a ton of pre-written blog posts where I’ll just open a new post, jot down some ideas because I have the worst god damn memory of all time then save as a draft. It used to be when I wanted to do a post I would get into them and look through them and decide which subject I was in the mood the most of all to type 1000 words about. I don’t have time for that shit anymore with classes starting back up.

I just come on here now, guns blazing, yelling “AAAAAAHHHHHH I WILL TYPE SOOMMEETTHHIINNNGG” because I have decided I’m going to try really hard not to leave a month funk like I did last time. I felt really bad. I could feel all of my readers, all two of them, slipping away from my grasp.

Though I have one particular post mostly finished. I just need to draw the diagrams and everything for it. But holy shit, I do not want to do that. I know it doesn’t look like it because all the drawings on this site (well, the ones made by me anyways) are utter garbage, but those still take like three hours. Add to the four or five hours it takes to compile a post that’s partially written out that I actually need to put thought and story into and that’s like eight hours of work.

And holy shit, we tried to watch some netflix videos the other day. I have so many things in my Queue. Instead of ever watching them I find something else more interesting and watch that instead, my Queue slowly building. I finally got to take something off of it, and realized the problem I had. My boyfriend was so proud when he saw I was able to remove something.

Oh the 3Ds Ambassador has started up if any of you can do that. Basically you bought your Ds for $250, no one else did, and now it only costs $170 because Nintendo had some shit sales. To make up for the people who bought it early they’re giving out some free SNES, GBA and Gameboy games. Some of them are nice. There are two zelda games, the original two that is, the first metroid, first super mario bros, ice climbers and some other random ass mario-sponsered games. Like golf. And Construction Work.
And Wrecking Crew was weird
In Wrecking Crew, the game that should surprise you as much as it did me that it’s not one of Nintendos winners, you’re a little man who looks like mario and you run around with a hammer trying to smash objects like an oil barrel, boxes, and fucking ladders.
Because that’s what wrecking crews spend all day doing. There are also tiny…skeleton? things that follow you around, chomping continuously and trying to ram their bodies into you while you just try to do your job.
Your job of breaking down ladders.

I mostly want to know WHY skeleton monsters were chasing you around. Where the hell are you doing construction work? On an Indian burial ground?
Also, mario can’t jump in Wrecking Crew. I think it’s because he spends all his time whistling at peach when she walks by than actually doing any work. And probably because he’s fat.


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