This is very short and very uninteresting

So I use Crest White Strips, (and they work awesome, btw) and I’ve come upon a problem with this.
You have to dedicate 30 minutes to no eating or drinking.
This becomes a real challenge for me
This is a challenge because in my mind I’m a rebel, so when something tells me I can’t eat or drink for half an hour I get pretty rule-breaky.
It’s like when you go to the Dentist and they tell you not to eat or drink anything for an hour, and suddenly you’re really hungry and, holy shit, it’s like 95 degrees outside and you’re pretty sure if you don’t drink something soon you’re probably going to pass out.
That’s pretty much my life every time I put these strips on.

So previously I talked about how my posts are going to be everywhere because of school and now I don’t have time to pre-write everything, so here we go.

That really gross thing that was on my lip still isn’t gone. It’s been like a week and a half. It’s MOSTLY gone, mind you, but it should be completely gone by now. It’s acting out and I don’t appreciate it. I have places to go and people to see, and people don’t want to see me if it looks like my boyfriend punched me in the face.
Then they just feel awkward because they don’t know if they should intervene or keep to themselves.

Also I just saw someone making cheese soup on TV and thought “that looks so good….I love cheese soup” but that’s a lie, and I’m lying to myself. I don’t like cheese soup at all. I actually hate cheese soup. I do the same thing when I see a subway commercial. Their sandwiches look so fresh and good, but I hate something about them. I think it’s the meat, maybe the cheese, I don’t know. They’re gross. They never meet my expectations of the great sandwich I’m expecting. I spelled sandwich wrong every single time I’ve typed it so far. I need more sleep and less essays.



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