My cat won’t shut up.

My cat has been so fucking annoying lately. He’s like a river, but instead of water that is just continuous and never ending his river is full of pointless meowing. He just goes, and goes, and goes, and goes.

He meows in the middle of the night, he meows in the middle of the day
he meows to go outside he meows to come in and stay
he meows when he’s hungry and he meows whatever season
he meows for attention he meows for no fucking reason

I hope you liked my poem. I’m going to publish it. A children’s book, of course. Dr.Seuss is my inspiration.

I decided there’s no way I can correctly emphasize the amount of meowing he does except through a short compilation of videos I have of him meowing. Keep in mind these were all taken within about an hour total of time frame.
So without further delay, please enjoy this minute video of my cat meowing, cropped together by me. Oh also, this isn’t my Youtube channel. It’s apparently my boyfriends. So, uh, yeah, sorry Justin.


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