I need $20,000 by next year.

I haven’t written anything in forever, and I’m sorry but that’s how it is. I need to come up with $20,000 by next year. Maybe next year an a half.
I’m going to open a business. This is what I was born for- entrepreneurship
I bet you guys won’t even believe me but I spelled that entire word right the first time.
I need to make money. Right now I’m putting in about $1500 every 4 months, and my two partners are putting about $600 in every month together, but this isn’t enough. I can’t get a job, because I am a full time+ student, so I don’t have any god damned time. I was thinking about doing some freelance writing gigs online, so if you know any sites that are looking for writers please let me know in the comments.
I also just need other ways to make money. LEGITIMATE WAYS. If you can think of anything, tell me in the comments. Any help would be appreciated!
Isn’t it weird we put the dollar sign before the number but say it after the number? I thought about that while I was writing $20,000 three times, and I always thought that was weird. It’s like we took a page from the Spanish’ book when they put the punctuation at the beginning and end of their sentences.
The Spanish know how it’s done. They don’t surprise you with what type of sentence it’s going to be. You always know when to be excited or confused while you read their sentences.
¿which way to the refrigerator?
Right over there, my fine friend.


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