Christmas! With 3 other topics.

I wish you guys could see some of the rough drafts I have typed up. They’re fucking insane. And I don’t mean insane as awesome, I mean insane as in they kind of paint me as a psychopath. I was reading through paragraphs or sometimes just sentences I had written to get an idea down that maybe I would want to write about later, but I don’t know what the hell past me was thinking. One of these, for instance, is “Bees on a bus” and the title for the post is “Air conditioner vs. Heaters.” Where does that leave me? WHERE WAS I GOING? Some of my longer ones just trail off, like
“I made up some crazy ass games when I was little; we all have.
One of my favorite games was “Tumbles”
Now, Tumbles sounds completely adorable and sounds a bit like ”
….what? SOUNDS A BIT LIKE WHAT? How the hell am I supposed to do anything with these posts if I don’t even know what I was saying?
I’ve just decided to write about something else then, just like I always do when I’m faced with these shitty rough drafts I have partially typed.

I have been playing skyrim, like every other gamer in the current population. While I was playing Skyrim I found this hilarious book. It’s called Mysterious Akaver, and it makes no god damned sense. It’s about another continent near Tamriel and the races of creatures on it are Vamperic snake creatures, Tigers that stand upright and want to transform in to dragons- and their leader has, btw- a race of nice, courageous, and according to the book also dumb monkey people that keep getting attacked by all the other races, and demons that thaw out once a year and attack the other races. Mostly the monkeys. So me and my boyfriend are illustrating this book now, because it’s our current muse. Maybe you can see that later.

On a subject not involving Skyrim, Christmas is coming. This is the first Christmas away from anyone who knows what they’re doing to help me prepare it. As tradition, the day after thanksgiving I would help my grandma put her tree up. Her tree is made of plastic and we have to put it together, so it usually takes a couple hours.
Regarding our tree my mom would always put up a real one. I much prefer real trees. They smell nice, look nicer, and they’re just the beacon of Christmas time for me. That means this year we have to put up a real tree by ourselves.

I don’t really know how to take care of a real tree, either. I looked some guides up and they were pretty helpful. Apparently I’m supposed to cut 1/4th an inch off the base of the tree so that it sucks water up better. I don’t have a saw, so that may take awhile with a steak knife. I do have a tree stand though, and a tree skirt! Though I think I remember last year my mom saying something about the stand breaking.
I was going to make a joke about the tree skirt but I realized that would be really lame.

I want to buy eggnog this year, because we almost always have eggnog during Christmas since it’s one of the only times to buy it, but I’m really bad about perishable items. I can never finish them in time. I don’t trust myself to be able to finish entire carton by myself, and since my prehistoric boyfriend hates everything holiday and food related he won’t help me finish it.
Who hates eggnog? Alright, I can understand hating eggnog, but how do you also hate turkey and pumpkin pie AND STUFFING???

So later tonight Justin is going to have to climb up the ladder to get to the Christmas decorations. Since they’re stored in the attic and the only way to get to the attic is to climb up a shaky ladder. It’s super dangerous when there’s snow on the ground.

It’s such a pain to go up and down from there. once we get the Christmas stuff from there we’ll probably box it up in a new container and stick it in the guest room with the Halloween stuff. Luckily though it’s not icy out tonight, so there shouldn’t be any problems getting into the attic.


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