But…isn’t time just an illusion?

It’s been beautiful out, I’ve been sick stuck inside, and I’m on spring break. I’ve been listening to old Disney songs all day and I can’t seem to crack my jaw. My dog keeps whining to go outside so she can harass the neighbor kids and I have to keep taking her in and out of the house.
All in all it’s been a pretty good day.

Do you know what I love? Leap day. You get an entire extra day FOR FREE. You know what would make leap day even better? If everyone got work and school off on that day. The day technically doesn’t exist, why do I have to get up for it?
Leap day is amazing. It means that if you pay your rent on the first of every month you get an entire day every February FOR FREE! Then again I guess with that payment systems and the the fact that the first of the month is not always on a Monday you technically get a lot of days for free. But still, this is one more free day for everyone who pays rent first of the month!
If that’s even a thing. I really don’t know, I’ve only seen it on TV. It seems like a stupid payment system though so I don’t think a lot of apartments utilize it.

I also love daylight savings. In Fall I get a whole other hour to sleep! And in spring time when I’m staying up at ungodly hours in the mornings it means that it gets bright outside later than I’m normally used to! I’m up until 6:30 last night and it’s bright outside and the birds are and I’m angry at the world. But then daylight savings happens and the next night it’s 6:30 in the morning and it’s still dark out and the birds don’t even realize time changed because they’re fucking birds! Birds don’t know how time works! they just chirp when the sun is up!

And those about sum up my feelings for the day.


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