Update On Sundays Adventure

So the outing I was taking with the hunters was going to be at 10am on Sunday. Since I had to drive to Ohio I needed to leave at about 7am to get there in time. New plan though, now I need to be there by 9am so we can drive another hour and a half to a new hunting area.

I’m no so upset about waking up a half an hour earlier (waking up so early in the morning kind of makes me feel dead inside) as much as I am nervous about spending an hour and a half driving with a group of people I don’t know at all. I think the best thing I can do is just prepare pages and pages of falconry questions to pass the time. 

I really just want to avoid any awkward silences on my part I can. Considering how tired I’ll be I’m probably just going to pass out the entire ride anyways.

Questions I need to ask:

  • How long do you keep your birds usually?
  • Have any left during a hunt?
  • Should my weathering area be as big as my mews? Does it need to be as tall?

Edit: This was meant to go on my other blog. Oops! Oh well. If you’re interested in reading my exploits as an Apprentice Falconer please head over here: http://skyreapers.wordpress.com/


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