Writing Prompts 2- Nymeri

Showers or baths? Why? Hot, lukewarm, or frigid? But why?

I feel like Nymeri would take freezing cold showers if she could. Though given the era they’re in it’s not really an option. Nymeri would relate the experience of a cold shower to standing under a waterfall. Although is may not be quite as severe, given her lust for power and bettering herself she would treat every opportunity in her life as a chance to train. Showers stay cold whereas baths can become room temperature and warm up, so the experience of taking a cold shower is much ore vexing than sitting in a tub of cold water that will eventually warm.

But given the era they are in, Nymeri prefers scalding hot baths to relax her muscles in the evening. She’s especially fond of the wrinkles that cover her hands and feet after she is finished with her shower.


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