My Attempt at Steamed Fish

Today I decided I would try to steam fish in my rice cooker. It was all thanks to this wonderful lady and her awesome little food blog. I used the same rub and it’s cooking as we speak, so I guess we’ll wait to find out how it goes.

I would also like to state that this is my second attempt today. I failed at the first attempt, partly because I’ve never learned to cook and have been slowly teaching myself through trial-and-error this past year, and partly because the guide to my rice cooker was wrong.

As per instructions on the previously mentioned blog I prepared to steam my fish over the rice when it had 6 minutes left to cook. I checked the instructions to my cooker which told me it takes about 30-35 minutes to cook the rice. “Alright,” I thought naively, “Since I’m cooking the smallest amount of rice my cooker allows I’ll put the fish in the rice after it has cooked for about 23 minutes”

Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. I set a stopwatch and a timer, wanting to see if exactly when my rice cooker stopped cooking. It stopped at 25 minutes which allowed me fish to steam for two. That was clearly not long enough. I checked the instruction manual again and decided to try the “cook-rice-and-steam-simultaneously” option that it provides. Since the suggested steaming time for fish (according to the instructions) was 25 minutes, and that’s apparently how long my cooker cooks rice for, I decided to just cook a new batch of rice and steam the fish in the basket at the same time.

Results are pending.

And the Results are in.

We ate everything before I remembered to take pictures, so I’m sorry but there will be no pictures this time around!

Back to the results; the rice was undercooked. The fish turned out great, the rub was fantastic and it was steamed awesomely, but the rice was undercooked. I’m not really sure how my rice cooker managed to steam fish perfectly but fail to cook rice. Luckily there was the rice from the first time I screwed up hilariously, so that was sued with the fish.

But like I said, the fish was delicious. So if cooking two things at once is your thing, and how could it not be, you should head over here and follow her super simple and super great instructions.


2 thoughts on “My Attempt at Steamed Fish

  1. Gosh, I hadn’t thought about other people’s rice cooker variables! Regardless, I’m happy it (somewhat) worked for you. Cool blog, BTW! Love your voice!

    • Wow, thanks so much! I’m a big fan of your writing style too, it’s lead me into more than a few of your posts.

      And on the one side, I also didn’t think about my own rice cooker variables haha.

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