Another Coffee Machine

Two days ago I ordered a Keurig Machine on Amazon. This will be my third purchased coffee machine in two years. I’m drinking coffee and tea a lot more (mostly black/with a tiny bit of honey or turbinado sugar) so I wanted something a little more convenient for my coffee. I can never drink an entire pot of coffee. If I mak more than a single cup of coffee it will sit there and I have to dump it all out. This always makes me really sad.

I want to take an aside here for a moment and talk about Turbinado sugar in case you haven’t heard of it, I certainly never had. It was another item suggested to me by my mother. Considering the conflicting views of the internet and the fact that she kind of has a degree in the matter, I take most of my nutrition advice from my mom. (I can also blame her if I die of something weird because of her recommendations). Turbinado is not always Organic, but it is always raw. It’s an unpasteurized sweetener that tastes reeaally great. The sugar grains are kind of large, so it takes a bit longer to blend in cold liquids. If I don’t add it to the entire pitcher of sweet tea it takes me about 5 minutes of stirring my single cups for the stuff to dissolve. It dissolves awesome in hot liquids though. This may be a downside, but I personally like it because I can chomp on a couple and they taste like rock candy. I use it as my go-to sweetener now since I’ve been quickly running out of honey. It’s very interchangeable with brown sugar in pretty much any recipe.

Anyways, back to my collection of coffee machines.

I actually bought a Tassimo about a year ago and I love it. The only problem with it is the inability to use my own beans. Keurig is here to save the day. I’ll be taking my Tassimo to work and using it there. The coffee at the office is always old so I’ll be glad to have a fresh brew whenever I want one.

This is the Keurig machine I decided on! It’s supposed to be really compact and cute. I’m going to end up keeping it right beside my bed. We don’t have much in terms of a kitchen so I keep a lot of heavily utilized items, like my electric tea kettle, in our room. It also only ended up being about $55, which is a pretty great deal for any coffee machine.

I honestly don’t drink coffee that often, compared to most people anyways, but I drink it enough that I like it to be easy and not wasteful when I do drink it. I’m especially glad I’m getting a reusable filter to brew my own beans in the Keurig. The amount of waste that comes from using those one-time cups is something I don’t deal well with.

I’ve also been running out of honey much quicker since I’ve pretty much entirely given up on artificial sweeteners. I am not really a big fan of honey so I didn’t think I would need that much. I was wrong. I’m getting a 22 oz this time, as opposed to the 8 oz that I had. Hopefully I’m not going to blow through it, but I know that’s not true.

A couple days ago I also got these iced tea bags that have a taste I’m not even remotely comfortable with. Usually I buy my tea loose leaf from only one or two distributors, but the advertising on the box was so great I felt compelled to get it.

I was wrong. Wrongwrongwrong. Not only did I later find out the company was a branch of Starbucks (I don’t particularly have a problem with Starbucks, I just thought I was buying tea from a little indie company) but I also found out the tea had licorice in it. I cannot stand licorice. If i thought about it, drinking the tea made me gag. I don’t know how I’m going to get through a pitcher of the thing.

This is the tea for all you curious, and by proxy interesting and good looking people out there. I wasn’t sure how I would like hibiscus flowers since I had never had them, but they were actually pretty great. The main problem I had was with THE LICORICE THEY DECIDED TO JUST ADD INTO OTHERWISE GREAT FLAVORS. The bags also weren’t triangle- usually a good sign I’m not going to like the tea.

It brewed really pretty though. Now there is a gorgeous pink tea brew sitting in my fridge, mocking me with a flowery complexion of what looks to be a refreshing summer beverage. But it is all deceit and trickery.


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