My Life is Smoothies

I tried to get a donut on my way to work. In a moment of weakness I couldn’t take the lack of baked goods any longer. Justin was driving, and I asked him to make the turn off to the exit that leads to soft, delicious donuts. He proceeded to shout “I’LL BE YOUR ROCK” over my pleas for donuts until we passed the exit. He’s a good man.

But that is not the theme of today. The theme of today is smoothies, and how they have pretty much replaced everything else in my life recently. They’re so easy to make and they fill me up. I just drop in some peaches, yogurt and ice in a blender then chop it up until it’s all liquid. Can life be any easier?

I made a tropical blend too out of frozen fruits. It was mango, pineapple, strawberries, and delicious. I pretty much poured everything in the fridge into this one; yogurt, orange juice, almond milk. It was really good but significantly more difficult to make than the one that’s just peaches and yogurt.

Yesterday my friend showed me an ice cream maker that was exactly the same one I had been looking at before while I was in Target. You just put some fruits in and it makes a sorbet. I want one. Especially with how obsessed I’ve been with smoothies recently. I’ve been trying to cure my sweet tooth and smoothies was a great idea, but this will also help me cure my ice cream craving.

I’ve been considering just getting a multi-purpose juicer that also makes sorbets from fruits. A juicer is something I have recently felt needs to be in my life, so this would be a great way to kill two birds with one stone.


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