Blending Everything In Sight With My Nutribullet

So I got a new kitchen utensil (which, conversely, means I have a new favorite thing!) It’s a Nutribullet, and if the name sounds like a familiar, and super awesome infomercial item, it’s because it is! It’s made by the same people that made the magic bullet, but it comes at a price that’s  almost twice as much. Luckily it’s also three times as strong and can blend nuts and seeds into dust. Literally.

Put me in your smoothies I’m nutritious

I’ve been thinking about making almond or apple butter in the nutribullet, since it can apparently do that, but let’s not go crazy yet.

I mostly just wanted something simpler to make smoothies with. My smoothie maker was large, second hand, cumbersome, and a pain to wash. If you remember from my earlier post I’ve been having a ton of unsweetened, natural smoothies. Nutribullet you just blend and rinse and you’re ready for the next smoothie. It’s so much better than the old, ginormous smoothie maker I was using. I just didn’t need that much smoothie at a time; I like to keep my stuff as fresh as possible.

The best way to eat seeds is uncooked, so what better way to implement them into my diet than through the magic of smoothies? That wasn’t a real question, there is no better way. Did you know Chia Seeds 3 times more iron than spinach, 6 times more calcium than milk, and 7 times more vitamin C than oranges? Now you know all those things.

That’s a lot of nutrition in a tiny amount of seeds. If you’re curious what other seeds are a good idea to incorporate into your diet, I used the post and this other post when I went shopping around for seeds to grind up into a fine powder.

“I secretly have more protein than an entire horse” – smoothie mix on right

I also put kale into every single one of my smoothies, because apparently that’s what healthy people are supposed to do. Have I mentioned before that I’m just winging this? My entire life these past two years has been pepsi and tacos, and before that I was living with a mother that was a chef/nutritionist. I was fed the right things, but I never paid any attention to what they were.

I kind of just buy fruits and vegetables that I think would taste good and blend them into my own abominations. I make a list of the “fruits with most nutritious benefits” or “vegetables that will make you almighty” that I find on the internet/ask my mom about. Then I just grab shit from it and blend. If something is universally accept as nutritious AND delicious I try to throw that in to whatever it is I’m blending at the time.

I’d blend the plate and spoon if my mom told me it would add fiber.


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