If You Hate on the Haters Then Aren’t You a Hater?

I read this blog post about Stacy London trying to go on the Paleo diet and it made me laugh a lot. I found myself agreeing with a lot of the same problems when I decided to stop eating certain foods, and her writing was pretty funny and clever. It catalogs her daily thoughts around meals and I was nodding most of the time. I didn’t actually know who Stacy London was until I read this post and it slowly explained it to me, but now I’m just going to remember her as the funny and real Paleo diet girl.

In her blog post, Stacy struggles with what to eat on her new diet. A lot of commenters talk about her being a screw up, and that she is just trying out new fad diets, and she was giving the Paleo diet a bad name because she wasn’t eating properly. But when you start new things you just screw up. That’s how it works. You don’t come out of the womb running and you can’t expect to be excellent at things on your first try.

Later losers

She talks about wondering if nuts have seasons and how she’s going to be eating nothing but turkey and avacodo for the rest of her life, and I connected with those problems. When I changed eating habits I clung on to the same few foods for quite a few weeks. Hell, I still drink orange juice and seltzer water every single day just because I STILL have a hard time knowing what to drink since I don’t like water.

She also talked about the sweet cravings she would often have. As a sugar junkie I have such insane sugar cravings every single day. I’ll spend an hour just thinking about how much I love donuts and miss coke. Then I eat five oranges and move on with my life, but it’s still a struggle every time it happens.

While it’s true she underrate for most of the days she cataloged, but that was because she was thrust into a new world and almost everything she ate before was taken from her. She had to start from scratch; that means all new groceries, all new recipes, and a no falling back on your old and comfortably known foods. I know I under ate for the first week or two. I had no idea what to eat and how much of it to eat.

I never made any of my own meals before. Everything was either in the microwave or macaroni on the stove. But we both know kraft macaroni doesn’t actually count as food. I am still trying to teach myself to cook from scratch. it’s very hard! You use a lot of dishes! I didn’t know it took so many dishes to cook food! Now I do, but it took a lot of fucking up to figure it out.

So you go Stacy London, don’t let the haters hate.


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