What I Want to Accomplish 2015

Hello friend! Long time no see. Wow you look GREAT did you get a new hairdresser?

So I’d like to make a quick list of things I hope to accomplish by the end of 2015. Half the year is basically already spent since I will be living in Japan and probably not getting a lot of free time that I won’t be spending entirely on exploring.

I also want to mention I don’t place a huge emphasis on these- I think one of the downfalls with New Year’s resolutions is that once you start to fail them/you don’t start doing them it really stresses you out, and that stress can lead to you getting even less done because you’re afraid to even approach the topic at that pont.

So anyways, in no particular order, here’s my list of things I hope I can get done in 2015, and if I can’t so what because I have a lot of time. I’ll write a little blurb about why it is I want to accomplish these things while I’m at it.

-Graduate college. Pretty self explanatory. Because of my trip to Japan to stuff I’ll be a semester behind, so hopefully I  will be able to graduate after the fall semester, instead of spring semester like I was planning.

-Get paid for something I write. So far I have written two (horrible) books for Nanowrimo, each around 70,000 words, and countless personal short stories. They’re completely unedited, so I wouldn’t mind actually getting around to fixing them up and maybe submitting them somewhere.

-Finishing my game design and pitch it at Gencon. I have the groundwork of two games, and it would be pretty nice if I could finish one up and test it out before Gencon so I could pitch it for publishing while I’m there.

-Perform a live Stand-up comedy routine. I plan on becoming a lawyer of some sort, I have scholarships and everything lined up for it, but I’m terrified of public speaking. I don’t know how I plan on surviving a graduate study that favors the socrates method with a fear like this. This is something that can only be fixed by speaking in public over, and over, and over again. I think performing in small open mic nights in my area can help me overcome my fear. Or maybe make it way  worse.

-Learn a new skill in its basic form. I love learning new fun things. Through the magic of the internet I have taught myself to juggle, sew plushies, embroider, crotchet, play guitar and ukulele, speak Japanese, and clicker train my dogs. I’m not stellar at any of these, it’s kind of a “jack of all trades, master of none” deal, but I can still perform all of them competently (with the exception of guitar and Japanese, both of which I practice all the time) Maybe I’ll finally pick up a new language this year like I keep talking about, or start to learn how to knit like I’ve been too afraid to do.

-Get better at a current skill. Like I said I know a lot of semi-useless skills, and I should probably get better at a couple of them. I’ll probably focus on sewing or crocheting since I can do those in my tiny Japanese apartment and on the long plane and train rides.

So yeah, there’s my list. Maybe more to be added later. Here’s to a great new year of fun, friends, and personal satisfaction. 明けましておめでとうございます! Happy new year!


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