Moving to Japan

So I’m more or less settled into my apartment so I thought now would be a good time to update everyone on my various things. Also I’ve been abusing a collage app because it makes posting a lot of pictures much easier, so get ready for that.


I left JFK airport in NYC at about 1:30am. I got there at 11:00pm so there was a lot of waiting around. They also charged me $5 for an hour of internet so that was pretty messed up.

My flight was 17 hours to Hong Kong and it took my butt approximately 3 hours to start falling asleep and being in pain. I’m still recovering from the trauma.

I went from Hong Kong to Osaka and the flight was much more manageable, around 4 hours. I thought it was longer when i was reading the ticket information but I guess they were counting layover time. When I got to KIX airport in Osaka I spent a good 3 hours pissing around with about 105 pounds of luggage. I found the pokemon store in the airport and had no self control.


I never find anything latios so I was super excited! There’s also an event in Japan until July where they’re distributing a shiny rayquaza so they’re selling the plushes to celebrate. In a month they’re going to sell pokedoll Rayquaza and I’m definitely grabbing some of that.

I somehow managed to find the correct trains to Kyoto Station from Osaka despite never riding public transit in my life (they dont offer a lot of transit options in towns with less people than Saturday at Walmart). I rode for about 3 hours and had two connecting trains but made it! I was theoretically going to catch 5 busses to get from Kyoto Station to my hotel, but at that point I had been awake for 27 hours and that wasn’t happening.

I passed out at the hotel at around 6pm. I slept until 3am then realized I was starving and wandered out of the hotel to find the McDonald’s near me. I got about half a block down the road and found a Gyudon restaurant open. I stumbled my way through an order and got a great meal for $2. I grabbed a Calpis soda on the way out from the vending machine right outside for a grand total of $3.10 spent.


I slept for another 5 hours then dragged all my luggage to Ritsumeikan. We all sat in a circle and signed Japanese paperwork to apply for our apartments. We had to pay a bunch of fees and deposits upfront so I’m basically broke now. On the bright side we’ll be “getting the deposits back at the end” so I’ll have money just in time to go home and not need it because I’ll have a job.

After we finished some of the exchange students that moved in last year helped us settle in. They gave us some good information and we all exchanged Line names. Then we met up with the owner of the apartment who is super nice. She only speaks Japanese so I have a huge language barrier right now but I hope I’ll be able to actually respond to her soon instead of just “hai, hai” and “sou desu ne?”

She drove us to a Daiso which is basically a dollar store. I only had $5 at the time so I didn’t get to take advantage of anything. I plan on heading there again soon, probably today or tomorrow and probably on the bus.

Yuri, the apartment owner, also lent us (her new Ritsumeikan tenants) bicycles to use to get around. I need to relearn since I haven’t ridden since I was 12. I’ll practice at night when there aren’t a bunch of drivers on the road. The roads are very narrow here and the drivers are kind of crazy so I’m a little terrified of biking around.

After we got back I finished unpacking so I’m pretty settled in at this point, aside from not having any food in the apartment.


I went to the nearest 7-11 to withdraw some money since they have American ATMs, and on the way back got a bowl of my first real ramen


I will leave you on that delicious note and update again later. Ja matane!


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