Why my blog is here

I love to write, and I would love to write about things I know a lot about about. Unfortunately, I don’t know a lot about anything. I have a lot of interests; because of that I have a minimal to medium knowledge on many things. I still want to write though, so I’m going to write about a lot of different things I don’t know much while I try to learn more about them. About about about.

I skip around hobbies very quickly, usually before I get good at any of them. Oftentimes I will come back to them and get a little bit better. This blog is about my life, and how sometimes things happen in it. It’s also about how I’m not good at keeping with a lot of things, and how I like to try out as much stuff as I can.

Adventure with me as I learn to tame birds of prey, try to become fluent in Japanese, study for my LSATS in an attempt to get a full ride to a prestigious law school, learn coding and web design, try to live a healthier life, slowly teach myself to cook, become a better artist, improve myself as a writer, attain the ability to take pictures that don’t suck, and whatever else I find interesting in along the way.

I have a potty mouth and if something sounds particularly rude I was probably just kidding. Probably.


Right to BEAR ARMS. HAH.


6 thoughts on “Why my blog is here

    • Haaaaah that’s ok
      I like it too =p
      Though I’m not going to lie, I bought it because I thought it looked really cool and I didn’t know the band at the time of buying it xD

  1. guess what? you’ve personally become a nominated-winner-nominee-person-thing for the great chain of Liebster Award Blogs in thanks by yours truly (what I am truly I’m not sure).
    take this moment to bask in your own glory and drool. hell, maybe take it one step further and start commanding people to honor you as a Queen and to do silly little dances for your pleasure

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