Why I Am Beginning To Live a More Healthy Life (A choose your own adventure game!)

I was just going to write a post about why I decided my life was heading in a terrible direction that I needed to fix, but instead I decided to make an easy html choose-your-own-adventure game. That way you can choose for me and see exactly why I needed to change. It needs to be downloaded, so I’ll leave that trust-based decision up to you!

https://www.dropbox.com/s/c55rcirkxa0aut8/adventure.zip *This doesn’t work right this second, I’m trying to fgix it!

It’s very short, so the download is tiny and it won’t take long to go through it. Plus it would be loads more interesting than explaining everything here where I get all wordy.

Did you do it? Was it cool? Or was it mostly just depressing? Either way I’m going to assume you went through it and be mildly hurt if you didn’t!

As you can see I made some really shitty decisions every day about my health. This was a normal day too. Sometimes we would go to the park and play tennis or go see a movie, but everything is so spread out where we live it was so much easier and cost a lot less money to just stay home. That’s also why we ate really crappy all the time.

We’d always get more food than we needed because making a trip to the grocery store meant a 25 minute drive. It wasn’t something we could just do every day. Instead we would load up on things that could keep for at least a month, hopefully longer, and then not go shopping again for a month. Vegetables and fruit obviously don’t keep for that long very well, so we never got any.

I was hungry every day at work and felt shitty going to bed and waking up. I gained about ten pounds over two years, which really isn’t that much but is a lot more than I wanted to gain. I wanted to take control of things before it got too far, so I did.

I’ve stopped pop cold turkey. I knew this was the biggest problem I had. I hate water, so I knew not drinking the stuff was going to be pretty difficult. I loaded up on those Mio drink enhancers, as well as some made by Kool-aid, and it made things a lot easier. I also have a Sodamaker which gives me a constant supply of fizzy water. I like to mix it with 100% fruit juice and I can almost pretend pop never existed.

We’ve switched from entirely frozen dinners to no frozen dinners. I’m not sure how long we’ll be able to eat only cooked food, considering how little time we have, but it’s been going well for about a week now. We’ve also switched to organic groceries for most of our stuff. My mom, a nutritionist, suggested this to me. I decided why not. I like being ethical when I can, and supposedly the organic stuff is better for you anyways.

We’ve mostly been eating certain fish and a lot of rice for the past few days. We got some cherries and grapes and some of those frozen vegetables that we usually steam. We also got a recumbent bicycle that I’ve been using religiously. It’s made me feel a lot better, and I’m starting to have an easier time falling asleep. I still toss and turn, and usually wake up a few times in the night, but the fatigue from the workouts is definitely helping.

Overall I’ve been feeling a lot better about myself, and I want to work even harder to feel even better. When I called my mom for some advice she asked why I wanted to go on a diet, and sounded a little worried when she did. I think she was worried I was having body issues and was trying to console me. While I wasn’t having body issues at the time, I realized if I kept up my lifestyle it wouldn’t be too long before I began to. Mostly I just wanted to stop stuffing my body with grease and sugar.

I’m currently not eating processed sweets or fried food of any kind, but I know that’s not something I can keep up forever. You don’t want to diet that you hate the entire time you’re doing it then put on all the weight you lost as soon as it’s over; you want a diet that you can do for the rest of your life. So I plan on allowing myself to eat sweets and pop in moderation after I see some good results, but maybe I’ll like how I feel so much I won’t want to eat any.

EDIT: I’m having some trouble with dropbox executing my HTML properly, so right now it doesn’t work! Hopefully it doesn’t take me as long as I think it’s going to for me to fix it.