World of Kamëarlä

Made this in RPG maker. I’ll go over the districts with names later when I decide what I want them to be. I mostly just needed a reference when I was sending my little buddies all over the place. It’s pretty big so click for a full view.


Languages of Kamëarlä

Thought I’d keep this hear for me to have easy access to.

Pure Language: Only spoken by the gods and the gods temples. Druid hermits have studied the languages for centuries in an attempt to learn it, but the words and pronunciations seem to disappear from their memory as soon as they’re spoken.

Frȃnsym: A soft language spoken by the Vali. It’s the second oldest language and only the truth can be spoken while speaking it. Vali do not trust those who can’t speak their language and because of it do not often get along with the other races.

Aldwein: Most recent language and also the most widespread. Originally brought to Kamëarlä by the humans when they migrated from their home continent. It soon became the most widespread purely by proxy. All races speak it as well as their own.

Rëguin: Oldest language aside from the Pure language. It’s the language of magic that communicates with the anima directly and asks to borrow their power. All spells are cast purely in Rëguin, and when creating a spell you must learn the correct words. Incorrect words used in a spell can result in drastic outcomes.
Ä ä        Â â
Ë ë        Ê ê
Ï ï        Î î
Ö ö      Ô ô
Ü ü     Û û
Ÿ ÿ Ŷ ŷ