Camping Day 1

We’re doing a CAMPING EXTRAVAGANZA and camping down to the bottom of Florida from the top of West Virginia. We are staying at a new campsite almost every night, and here’s how the first night went.

Damp. Everything is damp. It rained heavily from when we got there until right before we left, we got to the campsite just an hour before dark, and the propane for our little grill was the wrong size. There were also kids constantly riding their bikes past our site, screaming, and staring at our dog and cat while we set up. All in all not a relaxing first night. On the bright side it wasn’t a thunderstorm so everything was soggy but it wasn’t loud and terrible.

I’m surprised by the number of people that were camping on a Tuesday night in one of the smaller and lesser known state parks in our area. I’m also surprised by how many had RV’s instead of tents- literally all of them. I think there were 25 sites and 20 of them were filled with RV’s. I guess some people are still celebrating their Fourth of July weekend. It’s supposed to rain at our next campsite too… Maybe it just won’t instead.





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