Camping Day 2&3


So day two we got to our campsite and every site was taken. On a Wednesday night. Goddamn all these people and their week-and-a-half long vacations. And we weren’t even camping in a state park, these were primitive campsites that you had to drive an hour just to get to. I clearly was not prepared for this. So from 12pm-9pm we drove from about the center of WV to the very south edge in search of a campsite, and also in search for fuel for our tiny portable stove since apparently no store in this entire damned state stocks propane/butane fuel.

By 9pm Wednesday we managed to find both fuel AND a campsite, so that was pretty sweet. We set up camp at Camp Creek in their little rumor ice campsites and there was nowhere around. It was awesome. We decided to stay another night so we were there all day Thursday.

The campsite we got, on top of being completely deserted, is also right above a creek with a little downslope leading into the water. The day never got hot enough for us to wade in it but Friend sure liked to.

The only bad thing about the site was that it was right beside a hiking trail that lead to some nice waterfalls so it got busy during the afternoon, and the rangers were checking it in the mornings which made it pretty hard to sleep.

The waterfall the trail lead to was pretty nice. It opened up into a big pool that I could fish in. We’d planned on letting Friend swim there but she’s not much of a swimmer. After we got back she dug a little hole and plopped down in it to sleep.

Oh yeah, we also saw a coyote chasing a deer fawn and trying to eat it, so that was about as nature-y as anything that could have happened.










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